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Life's a Beach. I'm a Bitch!

Suckin' Too Hard on Ya Lollipop!

10 September 1982
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Living the Unfair Life!

I just want to find that someone who can make me feel needed and wanted, while at the same time make me want and need him. I want to find that someone who can shut me up with a kiss whenever I go on rambling and talking relentlessly. I want to find that someone who can laugh at me and laugh with me. I want to find that someone who can tell me pointblank and in an in-your-face manner that I am wrong, if I ever am. I want to find that someone with whom I can face each and everyday with hope and a wanting for a brighter day ahead. And I just want to find that someone who, without any explanation, or beyond reason, can look me in the eye and tell me he loves me... (or that I am a jerk, if thid need ever arises).If you get bored easily with a hell of a lot of text, then you might wanna skip this.

I talk a lot and I often speak my mind. I can be very shallow and extremely deep when it comes to conversations. I can talk about anything and everything under the sun (sometimes I make sense, sometimes I don't.) I have the tendency to want to be needed. Sometimes, I have the "Savior" complex. I just want to save the world, or at the very least, people. (But we all know this is not possible)


I am a man who: *loves a good laugh *is kept alive by humor *believes that everything happens for a reason. *people pleaser *loves subjecting self to martyrdom *smokes. Lucky Strike Filters. *can be a snob.but can be friendly at the same time. *at times is a loner. but blends in with any group of people. *loves coffee *has no regrets in life

I am also a man who:

*hates liars and pretenders.

*hates social climbers

*hates vegetables

*hates it when people ask if I'm okay when we all know I'm not

*hates crowded trains

*hates slow walkers on the sidewalk

*hates the world, but loves it too I AM A WALKING SELF-CONTRADICTION

I'm not here only to satisfy my carnal needs (pleasures?). I'm here also to satisfy and stimulate what's in between my ears. Intellectual masturbation is of utmost importance to my daily life.