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Scenes from a Boring Life: Episode 2
A Hat
So i just couldn't get enough of this Vlogging (video blogging) thing.  I may look stupid, silly, and like a loser, but who cares right? In Prince's EDIT: (to think that while writing this, I was actually talking to him about the apostrophe in the possessive form of Prinz) beyondallrepair's  words: "Go pimp yourself AJ!"

And so here goes nothing...
(poor lighting, shouldave used the yellow thingie instead of the red... )

Knock yourselves out bitches. (also available through and

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i was too drunk, i just realized it was you XP

ahahhaa... nice seeing you again. :)

wrong spelling wrong eto. hahaha :D

oo nga! pero check mo naman yung sa current music tama naman.

i know right? katangahan. check the edit

nice... may science involved na sa lighting effects. maya maya may FAMAS ka na sa best in lighting direction. hahaha! :P

ang cute ni ernie. awww. :)

pimples lang ang involved sa lighting. hahaha

I had an eerie moment watching this one....XD

eerie? i'm that sacry now? lol

i don't know why i even clicked this, hahaha

does that make me more bored than you right now?

and yes, Ernie did go to Marinduque - Jhandi spotted him in one of my Multiply pictures of that particular trip.

hahahaha! yes, youre more bored than i am! oh cool, spot the Ernie! hehehe

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